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A peek into the sultanate’s rich culture and traditions

A peek into the sultanate’s wealthy culture and traditions

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Among the numerous events of the Muscat Festival, the Heritage Village at Amerat Park showcases Oman’s tradition in all its glory. From showcasing handicraft products, agricultural methods, standard meals, old coins and antique jewellery, the location is an essential platform for advertising Omani goods.

The craftsmen in the Heritage Village demonstrate their expertise in numerous handicraft products. The village has also on provide some exquisite daggers and silverware products. Traditional costumes and jewellery are also accessible at the village.

A quantity of exhibitions are becoming held in the village. A highlight is the Nasra al Ghizailiyah exhibition which consists of numerous artefacts, most notably a black baisa, an ancient Omani coin much more than 120 years old. In addition, guests can also see numerous antique ornaments, old cooking tools created of the finest kinds of copper.

There are also numerous children’s accessories on show. A favourite with most guests, the location also has a section committed to standard Omani meals. Visitors can also see elements of an Omani agricultural village. One can see the standard farming strategies and numerous agricultural tools employed. A ship in the heritage section points to the wealthy maritime heritage of the sultanate.

One can also see salt-creating in the location, a considerable aspect of coastal villages of Oman. Visitors can also take a peek into the bedouin way of life and the standard strategies of transportation that had been employed earlier. The Heritage Village is also house to a quantity of standard arts such as the sea art (Al Midima and Al Makwara).

Arts such as Al Razha, Al A’zi and Al Ayyalah are also performed in the location. The village also has a particular theatre, Maled Art. The Heritage Village also attracts guests with its standard Al Hol Hol celebration.

The celebration is held on the initial birthday of a kid. Perfumes, frankincense, Omani costumes, jewellery, kumma, spices, women’s cosmetics are some of the other well-known products sold at the Heritage Village.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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