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41% women employed in public and 25% in private sectors in 2017: NCSI

41% ladies employed in public and 25% in private sectors in 2017: NCSI

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The National Centre for Statistics and Information (NCSI) released a report on Omani ladies on Wednesday, coinciding with Omani Women’s Day. According to the report, there have been 1,241,605 ladies in the sultanate in 2017 with only eight.four per cent of the ladies becoming illiterate.

The report shows excellent indicators of the well being status of ladies in the sultanate, as effectively as the participation of ladies in the labour marketplace. While 41 per cent of the ladies have been employed in the government sector and 25 per cent in the private sector in 2017. The report also shows that the gender ratio in Oman is 102 males per 100 females.

With regard to the educational status, the report shows that as compared to 12.six per cent illiterate ladies in 2013, 2017 saw only eight.four per cent. Omani ladies continue to sustain their tangible participation in the labour marketplace, enrolling in different sectors and senior management positions. Female staff improved from 31 per cent of the total Omani workforce in the public and private sectors in 2013 to 33 per cent in 2017.

The proportion of Omani ladies in administrative positions in the civil service has remained continuous at 21 per cent from 2013-17. The percentage of new female appointees in the government sector stood at 61 per cent of the total quantity of Omanis in 2017.

Women make up 15 per cent of the retired pensioners in 2017. The publication shows that Omani ladies appreciate social protection. The proportion of registered female beneficiaries beneath the social safety stood at 59 per cent in 2017. Of the total beneficiaries, 14 per cent are divorced, seven per cent are widows and 3 per cent are unmarried.

Omani ladies have a presence in public life, with six.six per cent in the Council of Ministers and 3 female ambassadors. Omani ladies also represent nine per cent of the total members of Majlis Oman and seven female members at municipal councils. The quantity of land plots granted to females stood at 16,226 in 2017.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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