Sunday, 17 Oct 2021
Oman Bird and Pet Association (Omanbpa) recently held the eighth Oman Annual Bird Show at the Oman Convention and Exhibition Centre. Some 170 avian aficionados took part in the two-day event, said Ali al Bahlani, vice president of Omanbpa.

36 species of pigeons, turkeys, geese exhibited at Oman annual bird show

The participants had been residents and citizens as nicely as bird lovers from Gulf nations,”  Bahlani told Muscat Daily. “There were 36 species of fancy pigeons and poultry species such as turkeys and geese. Other birds such as canaries and 50 species of parrots were also on show,” he stated.

The occasion, for the initial time, also saw a dog show with 18 canines taking element. “Our association is the only one in the Gulf recognised by a ministerial decision (68/2010). We are affiliated with the Ministry of Social Development.”


He added, “We aim to organise events such as bird exhibitions so that we can introduce people to the different types of pet birds. We also look to focus on methods of breeding, raising, treating and caring for birds.”

The association desires to modify public perception concerning raising birds, he stated. “We conduct various events to raise awareness among people.”

The association is also organizing to have a huge integrated headquarters, such as a spot to hold events and workshops and a spot to offer veterinary solutions, Bahlani stated. “I advise all pet lovers to join the association. At present, we have 587 members.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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