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250,000 tourists visited Musandam till the end of Q3 of 2018

250,000 vacationers visited Musandam till the finish of Q3 of 2018

Mohammad bin Abdullah Al Dhahouri, acting director of tourism in Musandam governorate, stated: The statistics indicate that there are 249,933 vacationers visited the governorate till the finish of the third quarter of this year. They are in the records of the hotels and other tourism establishments as nicely as guests of forts and guests of giant cruise ships and vacationers coming across the border. He stated that 72 cruise ships would go to the port of Khasab in the course of the period from October 2018 to May 2019. They are essential for the development of tourism as they carry big quantity of vacationers.

He stated that the tourism in the Musandam governorate was a promising sector. It is strengthened by the organic components such as special nature of its mountainous, sea, islands and wildlife. The Department of Tourism in Musandam which represents the Ministry of Tourism in the governorate is taking several actions and organising applications in cooperation with the private sector to stimulate tourism in the region. The outlook for the tourist sector in Musandam contains escalating tourism solutions, and their top quality and providing much more web sites for tourism investments according to the requirements and in line with the Omani method for tourism and method as nicely as Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy of Musandam governorate.

He stated that the strategy contains providing approvals for the establishment and implementation of eight hotel facilities, providing 3 web sites for tourism investment for establishment of three hotels in the category of three and four stars and providing initial approvals for 4 hotels, and signing of the helpful correct for the establishment of 1 hotel.

The Governorate of Musandam is 1 of the most essential destinations on the tourism map of the planet. It is deemed an essential tourist location for several from various nationalities. The tourism sector is witnessing an escalating development. The quantity of guests to the governorate in 2017 reached to 158,855. The quantity of tourist ships arriving to Musandam was 34. These statistics are a clear indication of the active tourism movement in the region. It shows that the governorate has extensive tourism facilities which will successfully attracting vacationers beneath agreements signed by the Ministry of Tourism with some nations such as Russia, Russia, Iran and India.

The quantity of tourism organizations and establishments operating in the governorate is 26. They are organising various trips for vacationers from Arab nationalities, either they are from Gulf nations and other nationalities such as European, American, Asian and Canadian. These organizations also organise activities such as safaris, cruises and visits to historical web sites and forts to introduce the ancient history of the region, archaeological homes, shrines and other web sites.

The Ministry of Tourism is creating Musandam governorate as 1 of its priorities in the sustainable tourism improvement methods, in accordance with the Omani method for tourism as nicely as the extensive method of financial improvement, with the private sector partners. A quantity of lands have been provided in the governorate for tourism investment. Also, there is preparing for Musandam governorate to boost the tourism complexes places and commence diverse projects and solutions for much more activities.

Tourist components:

Musandam is 1 of the most essential governorates of the Sultanate, which has appealing organic components. It is a nicely-recognized location for vacationers who want to appreciate the spectacular scene of the Strait of Hormuz, the tranquil gulfs, the winding labyrinths with its wealthy atmosphere, diving and snorkelling activities or its sandy beaches. The tourism season, which extends from October to April, shows an improve in tourist movement in the govenorate in basic and in wilayat Khasab in specific, simply because of its fantastic nature, which is its geographical topography, and exactly where its exquisite mountains meet the sea.

Harim Mountain, locally as Hareem Mountain, is positioned in wilayat Khasab. It is on the altitude of two,087 meters above sea level. It is a appropriate location for cyclists. The region is a location which attracts adventure enthusiasts for climbing mountains and exploring wadis and corridors. It is recognized for its mountain villages, parks and green oases, most well-known of them are Si, Khalidiya, Al Sahaseh and Al Rawdah places.

Oman Tourism Development Company -Omran-, the executive arm of the Sultanate’s tourism sector, preparing to provide a assortment of tourism activities and special experiences to boost tourism in Musandam and attract nearby and international vacationers who want to discover the Sultanate’s beauty and organic components from a various viewpoint. Omran has signed an agreement in this regard with the Ministry of Tourism in April this year. In July, the business announced its new partnership with FreeStyle Divers, a specialist diving and water sports group in Oman, to launch a diving centre at Atana Musandam Resort, adding new recreational activities in the area and advertising awareness about marine life conservation.

The numerous new tourism activities and projects organised by Omran will show the hidden organic wonders of the mountains and waters of Musandam. Among these activities are climbing mountains, slippery tracks, mountain trek, cross-strait trips and mountain biking trails. The project will activate adventure tourism in Musandam governorate and would assistance tourism plans and continuous development of this sector.

Omran presently owns and operates 3 hotels in Musandam governorate. They are Atana Musandam, Atana Khasab and Golden Tulip Diba.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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