Saturday, 25 Mar 2023
17 women take on hiking challenge to celebrate Omani Women’s Day

17 females take on hiking challenge to celebrate Omani Women’s Day

The participating females are of various nationalities which includes the UAE, the Philippines and Britain.

The hike started at 9am and the group took eight and a half hours to full it, Badour al Salhi, 1 of the participants, told Muscat Daily.

“The team walked in the mountainous terrain beginning from Wakan village. The event was called ‘Self Empowerment’ and we took part in it under the guidance of coach Saud bin Mohammed al Rawahi,” Badour mentioned.

She added, “The occasion was aimed at creating self-self-confidence, enhancing the spirit of cooperation and solidarity amongst participants and following the footsteps of our grandparents to realise the challenges of the previous.

“There was light to moderate rain, but nothing stopped us. With strong determination and cooperation among participants the trek was completed.”

Badour mentioned the team ready for the trip in advance.

“Before embarking on any hike, we do a detailed study about the route to be taken. We send some members in advance to study the spot. We even do a verify on the nearby climate circumstances. If every thing is okay, then we choose how several can participate in the expedition.

“We hope to highlight the abilities and skills of Omani girls and discover new tourist attractions.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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