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14,000 pilgrims, including 13,450 Omanis to perform hajj: MARA

14,000 pilgrims, such as 13,450 Omanis to execute hajj: MARA

Sultan bin Said al Hinai, head of the Omani Hajj Mission 1439/2018 mentioned that the mission has completed all preparations to offer the needed solutions for the Omani and expatriate hajjis and make certain smooth overall performance of hajj rituals. The mission will leave on August eight.

He pointed that out of much more than 27,000 Omani and non-Omani hajj applicants, 13,048 Omanis and 550 expatriates had been accepted. He noted that 99.7 per cent of the hajjis have completed the fundamental specifications for travel.

“The Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs authorized 85 organizations for the transfer of hajjis such as 79 for Omanis, 3 for Arab hajjis and 3 for non-Arab hajjis.

“Of the 14,000 hajjis approved for Oman, 13,450 were booked for Omanis, 275 for Arabs and 275 for non-Arabs. Five per cent of the 14,000 or 700 were booked for administrators, technicians, drivers and others who will accompany the hajjis to provide the needed services.”

He added, “The Ministry of Awqaf and Religious Affairs signed an agreement for the preparations of Hajj Affairs 1439H with the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The agreement included the regulations for travel and specified the share of the sultanate. The Saudi side affirmed the compliance of the Omani Hajj Mission and the hajjis from the sultanate with the instructions agreed upon and that no remarks were noted against them. The Omani Hajj Mission complied also with the instructions regularising hajj affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.”

The Omani Hajj Mission this year comprises delegations for Iftaa and religious guidance, administrative and monetary affairs, supervising the hajj organizations, health-related employees in addition to representatives of the Public Prosecution, ROP, media and scouting delegation.

The Omani Hajj Mission signed MoU with the National Organisation for Arab Hajjis Contractors. The MoU contains the specifics of the enhanced and further solutions supplied to hajjis at Mina and Arafat camps.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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