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136,301 LPG cylinders tested last year, 27,463 found unfit for use

136,301 LPG cylinders tested final year, 27,463 discovered unfit for use

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The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MoCI) has mentioned that 136,301 LPG cylinders had been inspected at stations across the sultanate in 2017. During this period, 108,838 cylinders had been returned and 27,463 had been discovered unfit for use.

MoCI has mentioned the tested cylinders had been of 48lt and 108lt capacity. MoCI’s Directorate General for Specifications and Measurements has mentioned that the cylinders had been tested at inspection stations possessing the necessary licences issued by competent authorities.

These licences are issued by virtue of qualifications, experience and possibilities for inspection, testing, upkeep and repairing the cylinders, according to the provisions of Omani normal specification no 201/2014.

These inspections are held to make certain customer security and carried out via virtual inspection (checking for base, rust, leakage and dents) and hydraulic stress tests.
The directorate has mentioned that the cylinders handed more than to the inspection station are divided into several categories. The initial category contains ones that are valid for refilling. These cylinders must have a clear information label specifying the empty cylinder weight, and the date when it was final inspected. Also, the valid cylinders must have a defect-totally free valve.

The second category contains cylinders that have exceeded the date of periodical inspection, or have unclear information label. The final category contains these with visible defects, such as harm brought on by fire, rust, and valve leakage. The directorate asserted gas cylinders must meet Omani requirements. The valve also must be authorized. The cylinders must be closed in the course of transportation and delivery and the colour must be unified reflecting sun rays.

It added cylinders in stock at refilling points and stations must be 30cm higher from the floor. At the refilling stations, cylinders must be stocked at roofed, nicely-ventilated areas.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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