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13 teams scoop honours in different categories of Entrepreneurship Award

13 teams scoop honours in distinct categories of Entrepreneurship Award

The ceremony was held below the patronage of H E Sheikh Abdulmalik bin Abdullah al Khalili, Minister of Justice and numerous nicely-identified personalities, such as higher-level officials in the government, delegates from the State Council, Majlis A’Shura and private sector leaders.

The 3 primary categories integrated Entrepreneurship Award (three), Entrepreneurship Award for Small and Medium Enterprises (eight) and Entrepreneurship Award for Supporting Organisations (two).

Three awards have been withheld due to lack of appropriate candidates, which integrated the Best SME Development Award, Best Support from a Government Institution and Best Small Business – Industrial.

The National Bank of Oman (NBO) won the ‘Best Financial Support’, followed by Orpic, which scooped the ‘Best Support from a Large Company’. Dates Sohar was crowned the ‘Best Home Business’. The ‘Best Micro Business’ award was offered to two businesses – Innovation Factory (initial) and Continental Shelf of Solar Tech (second).

Nizwa Eye Speciality Centre won the ‘Best Small Business’ award in the solutions sector and A’tabassur Information Technology in the trading sector.

Pizza Corner was adjudged the ‘Best Medium Business’ in solutions sector and Capital Construction and Commercial Projects in the industrial sector. ‘Best Medium Business – Trading’ award was offered to Al Fakhama Al Mustaqbaliya. ‘Best Media Initiative’ was offered to Afkar wa Tumoh Radio Show, Public Authority for Radio and Television. Intilaaqah Shell won the ‘Best Educational Initiative’. ‘Best Entrepreneur’ title went to Othman bin Maktoum al Mantheri.

Tariq bin Suliman al Farsi, chief executive officer of Al Raffd Fund and chairman of the Entrepreneurship Award Committee praised the function played by the award and its fantastic worth in enriching experiences of entrepreneurs and in advertising a culture of cooperation amongst all segments of the society.

“The third edition of the Entrepreneurship Award attracted 398 applications in its different categories from service, industrial and industrial sectors. These applications reflected a substantial improve in the level of awareness amongst applicants relating to the significance of information required to effectively total the registration method. The high quality of initiatives applied for participation by each government and private sectors are proof of commitment to help and building SMEs and recognising their significance in realising the national objectives,” mentioned Farsi.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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