Thursday, 23 Mar 2023
12 new rides introduced at Naseem Gardens

12 new rides introduced at Naseem Gardens

Seerabeece for Exhibition and International Festivals mentioned that of the total rides accessible, seven are for adults, 18 for kids and ten for households.

“Our aim is to offer something for everyone. So that every one can enjoy especially the children,” Mohammed Irfan, accounts manager, Seerabeece for Exhibition and International Festival mentioned.

The new rides are Roller coaster, Enterprise, Frog-Kangaroo, Extreme Big, Go Cart (Formula), Samba Balloon, Kangaroo, Octopus, Carousel, Trampoline, Submarine and Banji.

“G Force still remains the deadliest and adventurous of all the rides. The cost of the ticket for this ride is RO4. The cost of all the rides range between 500bz and RO4,” he mentioned.

Trampoline has been brought in maintaining in thoughts the interests of kids, mentioned Irfan.

“Children will feel like they are flying in the sky. Children love jumping around the whole day so they can come and jump here. There are many malls that have play areas and trampoline is quiet popular there. Keeping this in mind we brought this to the festival,” he mentioned.

Enterprise is the ride to take, when the complete loved ones desires to appreciate with each other and but not be scared. “This has a seat suspended from the edge of the wheel. The wheel goes clockwise. You have to ride it to enjoy it,” Irfan added.

Some of the other rides that guests can appreciate consist of Ranger Double, Tagada, Mega Drop, Dolphin Miami, Beach Crazy, Wheel Mini, Worm Wacky, Big Swinger, Small Swinger, Pirate Ship, Train Kids, Armour Express, Slide Flavio, Raging Rapids, Train Ghost, Crazy Dance, Car Big Numbers, Tea Cups, Aladdin, Battery Cars, Air Balloon Inflatables and Water Boats.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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