Friday, 5 Mar 2021
The United Kingdom has appreciated Oman’s contribution to the world peace, especially the role His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said has played as statesman and visionary.

United Kingdom praises Oman’s contribution to globe peace

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, British Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson who was in Oman on an official go to final week, stated that Oman’s contribution to the Middle East peace method is recognised the globe more than.

“Oman, especially His Majesty the Sultan, is playing an important and pivotal role with his statesmanship, knowledge and wisdom that he brings to all the discussions is something that is recognised throughout the world.”

Williamson stated the part that Oman has played by becoming in a position to speak to each the sides [Israelis and Palestinians] is vital and so crucial.

“In order to bring peace, stability and better future, you need a visionary man like His Majesty the Sultan and nations like Oman. This sometimes can enable the divided ones to heal the wounds.”

On British point of view about Oman in basic, Williamson was complete of praise about the leadership of His Majesty the Sultan to bring peace in the Middle East and the globe more than. “I know from the British perspective when we have the privilege to speak to His Majesty the Sultan, we always walk away with a lot of wisdom. And Oman’s government is always keen for peace and the fact that Oman is willing to understand the Israeli and Palestinian sides, it means that both the sides are half way to peace.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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