Monday, 3 Aug 2020
SQU students display their products in floriculture at open exhibition

SQU students show their goods in floriculture at open exhibition

Recognising the floriculture products’ environmental, trade and advertising significance, the floriculture course was taught at the Department of Crop Sciences of the College of Agricultural &amp Marine Sciences.

Students have been educated and mentored by Dr Mumtaz Khan and Omar al Manthri in floriculture production and management abilities of bedding plants, indoor foliage plants, reduce flowers and art of floriculture show. Students got hands-on instruction in the art of floriculture especially in displaying their abilities by means of Terrarium, Dish garden and Totem. The exhibition’s spectators integrated Dr Abdullah al Sadi, dean of the College of Agricultural &amp Marine Sciences, Dr Rashid al Yahyai, Dr Ahmed al Maskri, Dr Rhonda Janke, Dr Anvar Kacimove, Dr Ali Maktoomi, Dr M Farooq, Dr Villa, Dr Riaz Shah, Dr Malik al Wardy, Dr Slim Zkri, Dr Lyutha al Subhi and several a lot more.

The exhibition was really nicely received by the audience consisting of faculty members, students and employees.

Floriculture is a branch of horticulture which offers with the cultivation and management of ornamental plants for gardens, floristry and the international floral associated organizations. Largely, floriculture crops are comprised of annual bedding plants, foliage plants/houseplants, container gardening/pot plants, reduce flowers/reduce greens and perfumery. Annual bedding and garden plants are typically raised from nursery stocks as an annual biennial or perennial aesthetic plants.

Taking into consideration the industrial and environmental value of ornamental plants, ornamental horticulture courses have been created at SQU to construct students’ understanding about principles and practices involved in floriculture production systems.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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