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Roadside fish vending illegal; follow rules or face fines

Roadside fish vending illegal stick to guidelines or face fines

Eng Yahya al Hadidi, director of division of fish marketplace regulation at MoAF explained, “According to Decision No 312/2014, it is illegal to sell fish outside designated markets and ports.”

The Muscat Municipality Decision No 55/2017 also stipulates, “Vendors selling fish illegally can be fined RO50 every day for a period of 60 days, not exceeding RO5,000. The offender could also be jailed up to six months.”

The 3 primary places exactly where roadside fish vending is generally practised are Al Khuwayr, Mawaleh and Azaiba. Rows of choose-up trucks stocked with fish and trays manned by vendors are a typical sight on these lanes in the evenings.

“If the violations continue, the trader or fishermen’s permit can be cancelled and he will not be issued another one for a period of six months from the date of cancellation,” stated an official at the municipality.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries officials have frequently issued warnings in this regard . The ministry also frequently conducts campaigns to restrict avoid such practices and advises sellers to abide by the guidelines or face legal action.

Eng Hadidi added, “Selling fish on streets can be hazardous to the environment and public health as vendors throw fish waste into the streets. “Also, selling fish other than in areas specified by the ministry negatively impacts sellers who abide by the rules.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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