Thursday, 25 Feb 2021
Dr Abdul Malik bin Abdullah bin Zaher al Hinai, chairman of the Board of Directors of the Public Authority for Water (Diam), issued a decision (No 6/2019) relating to the regulation of drinking water service.

RO200 fine for selling water from internal network: Diam

The choice consists of numerous matters such as charges for disconnection and reconnection of water service.

The choice stipulates that the charges for disconnection of service will be RO30 and RO30 for reconnection.

The choice also consists of RO200 fine for anybody selling water from internal water network or utilizing water for non-certain goal, other than the contract. Article 39 states, any individual who contravenes the provisions of Article three, five and six of these regulations shall be fined RO200 and the fine shall be doubled in case of repeated violation inside two years.

Article three, five and six state that functions could only be carried out right after acquiring prior authorisation from the directorate. They consist of digging, cutting or filling the land in locations with water networks and water sources. Public networks and connections shall not be broken.

Article 40 states any individual who contravenes the provisions of Article 35 of this regulation shall be liable to an administrative fine of RO200 for residential use and RO500 for other makes use of. The offender will also spend the estimated worth of the water consumed in the course of that period in addition to the charge for reconnection.

Article 35 says it is prohibited to carry out the tasks such as  sale of water from internal water network, use of water for goal not specified in the contract, delivery of water to any house or other units not specified in the contract, removal or tampering with the water meter, restoration of service right after getting disconnected by Diam or contractors.

The choice will be implemented from August 1.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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