Thursday, 23 May 2019 | 17 Ramadan 1440
Ramadan: It’s time for bonding for Pakistani family in Muscat

Ramadan: It’s time for bonding for Pakistani family in Muscat

The family consists of mother, Ameer Begum (63), Javed’s wife Salma Abid, their son Aliyan Ahmed (12), and daughters Areej Fatima (eight) and Hania Fatima (eight months). For the Javeds, a common Ramadan fare contains atleast ten things such as starters and desserts. She tends to make certain to cook additional meals, in case there are guests.

“I take almost 90 minutes to cook for six people. With experience, I know the exact process and the time it takes to grill, cook and bake various items. Sometimes my son, older daughter or even husband helps me,” Salma mentioned.

She added that cooking with a little infant is a challenge but with a supportive family she manages nicely.

The family shops for rice, flour, spices, and so on each ten to fifteen days although some things like fruits, vegetables and milk require to be shopped for much more often.

A Pakistani iftar is incomplete with out chana chaat (chickpea salad), pakodas (fritters) and sherbet. So, Salma tends to make distinct pakodas and sherbet each other day. She utilizes vegetables, onions and potatoes to make the former.

She adds pista-flavoured milk to the sherbet so that it tastes far better. Mutton or chicken biryani with korma constitutes the primary course although jalebi (fermented fried dessert) and rasmalai (cottage cheese dumpling) are the most favoured desserts. Every day, the family prepares two kilograms of biryani, a single and a half kilogram of chicken, 500g pakodas and 4lt of sherbet. Salma mentioned, “Normally, people cannot eat many pakodas immediately after fast as it makes you thirsty. That’s when sherbet comes in handy.”

Areej mentioned, “I love chaat very much and make every effort to help mother and brother to make it nicely.”

For Ameer, this is her second Ramadan in Oman.

She mentioned, “I have been fasting all my life and I thank God Almighty for all the happiness he has showered upon me. The spirit of Ramadan is same wherever you are if you have faith in God.”

“We often have Omanis and Indians who join us for iftar and it is always a good feeling to pray and eat together,” Salma mentioned.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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