Sunday, 26 May 2019 | 20 Ramadan 1440
Omani doctor’s smart platform for health services popular in UK

Omani doctor’s smart platform for health services popular in UK

Muscat – 

Locum’s Nest, the smart platform for health services that was created by Omani medical doctor, Ahmed Shahrabani, with the assistance of Innovation Development Oman Holding (IDO Investments), has succeeded in proving its presence in the healthcare marketplace of the UK.

The platform, which gives rotation services for physicians in numerous hospitals, has reached a lot more than 10,000 physicians, along with 20 hospitals at present benefiting from its services.

Dr Shahrabani stated, “I knew from the beginning that Locum’s Nest had promising prospects for success, but financing it was the only obstacle. This was later overcome with IDO’s entrance as an investor in the platform. About two years later, Locum’s Nest has currently become one of the most widely deployed technological solutions in the healthcare sector within the UK. It has helped National Health Service hospitals save over £3mn and achieve a high attendance rate for doctors’ shifts, further boosting confidence in its services and potential growth in the future.”

Talal Hasan from IDO Investments stated, “We are delighted with the great success of our investment in Locum’s Nest, which is a testament to the value of investing in start-up companies that work on innovative ideas. In the coming stages, we will seek to bring the services of this smart platform to the Omani market so as to maximise its benefits on the healthcare sector in the sultanate. This initiative will also enhance the role played by IDO in transferring technologies to Oman.”

Dr Shahrabani added, “Our aim now is to provide the services of this platform to the sultanate, which currently relies on external training of medical personnel to provide quality healthcare services in all the wilayats of the sultanate.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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