Friday, 24 May 2019 | 18 Ramadan 1440
MoM to train 500 Omanis to take up senior-level positions

MoM to train 500 Omanis to take up senior-level positions

Those who undergo instruction will ultimately take more than middle and senior level roles following a selection prohibiting hiring of expatriate manpower in the private sector in these positions.

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Dr Amal Obaid al Mujaini, director common, Directorate General for Occupational Standards and Curricula Development, MoM, mentioned that the aim of the programme is to empower leaders in the middle and larger management levels. “The first batch will have around 500 participants. The component of the programme will have different categories starting with lectures, practical exercises and on-job training.”

Dr Amal mentioned that the thought is that Omanis will be empowered operating with expatriates in the starting. “We can say that this will help in improving the productivity of the company. Gradually more Omanis will join the workforce to occupy junior positions in place of those who have moved to senior positions.”

Mohammed al Busaidi, a member of Shura Council and head of the programme mentioned, “We are targeting young Omanis to take up positions at the middle and higher levels in the private sector. Takatuf will take care of the training of first 500 people.”

Busaidi mentioned that the total quantity targeted for this programme is 10,000 in the coming years. “We call for cooperation from the private sector because it is they who will employ Omanis. Companies will be required to nominate Omanis for this programme. After that, there will be assessments, tests and interviews.”

He mentioned that candidates getting degrees should have a minimum two-year perform expertise whilst these getting diplomas should have 4-year perform expertise. “The programme, which is part of Tanfeedh initiatives, will be fully funded by the government.”

Ibrahim al Harthi from Takatuf mentioned, the programme will commence with an assessment to choose the proper candidate. “The programme consists of three main elements spread over six-month period. It will involve executive coaching of candidates leading to their certification as leaders. The candidates will have to go through the filtration process.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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