Monday, 8 Mar 2021
Preparations for the ninth term election of members for Majlis A’Shura’s are under way. February 21 was the deadline for submitting the e-applications. The Ministry of Interior announced the start of registration in the electoral register for citizens who are entitled to vote.

Majlis A’Shura election preparations under way

The Shura march in the sultanate has been marked by numerous stages of tough perform, starting with the second decade of the Blessed Renaissance led by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said, with the establishment of the State Consultative Council in 1981 and the establishment of Majlis A’Shura in 1991.

The Omani Shura march has witnessed successive and continuous developments more than the previous years. Its institutional program has been operating in two chambers: Appointed State Council and the elected Majlis A’Shura collectively under the umbrella of the Council of Oman, every enjoying legal character and economic and administrative independence.

Article (9) of the Basic Law of the State defines the all round values and the simple components of the program of governance in the sultanate.

It stipulates that the ruling is primarily based on justice, consultation, equality and the proper of citizens to participate in public affairs. Article 59 stipulates the principle of the rule of law.

Article 10 puts the simple principles guiding the policy of the sultanate, which includes laying appropriate foundations for consolidating the pillars of genuine Shura emanating from the heritage of the nation, its values and Islamic Sharia’a, taking pride in its history and adopting the beneficial modern indicates and instruments, which includes establishing a sound administrative program that guarantees justice, tranquility and equality for the citizens and guarantees respect for the public order and the preservation of the supreme interests of the state.

The Royal Decree 94/91 established Majlis A’Shura on November 12, 1991, marking the starting of the third decade of the Blessed Renaissance, to continue and create as stated in the speech of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said inside the framework of the established principles that guide the policy of the sultanate under the leadership of His Majesty the Sultan, the most prominent in this field (Laying appropriate foundations for consolidating the pillars of genuine Shura) emanating from the heritage of the nation, its values and Islamic Sharia’a, taking pride in its history and adopting the beneficial modern indicates and instruments.

With regard to the parliamentary tools in which the council operates, the members of the council have had a excellent contribution to their use of these tools, which has developed a tangible improvement in the practice of Majlis A’Shura. There is no doubt that the response of the executive authority to the council is exceptional and beneficial and its value is reflected positively on shaping the supervisory function of the council, and its cooperation with these executive bodies.

This response applies the methodology of the sultanate, which is the complementary function of all legislative and executive organs of the state for the advantage of the homeland and the citizen, specifically as the sultanate has accomplished the completion of several improvement projects. Thus it is crucial to perform to safeguard them in accordance with the procedures followed in order to accomplish the interest of the homeland and the citizen.

In its earlier terms, Majlis A’Shura carried out several research and researches, as nicely as studying and discussing several subjects, draft laws and conventions referred to the Majlis, or these submitted by the Majlis following its approval.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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