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LED ad panels adorn solar trash bins on Qurm beach

LED ad panels adorn solar trash bins on Qurm beach

An official with the Muscat Municipality stated, “This is a unique concept. A private company came up with this idea and we supported them. It has twin advantages – one is to attract public to throw waste in the bins and the second is to generate revenue for the municipality.”

The thought was initiated by Fanoos Advertising Agency, stated the official. “These are solar-powered waste bins with LED marketing panels and they have been placed in the Qurm beach region behind Grand Hyatt Muscat. A total of 20 bins have been placed in the region. These are multipurpose bins and they serve the dual objective of putting an advertisement and also for appropriate garbage disposal.

“The company that places its advertisement there automatically gets publicity each time the place has visitors or when passersby use the bins,” Mohsin Said al Sobhi, manager of Fanoos Advertising Agency stated.

“This is a trial project. It has received a lot of appreciation from the public. The company is also responsible for transporting the garbage to the Be’ah landfills. So it is an advantage for the Muscat Municipality all the way,” the Municipality official stated.

According to Sobhi, because these are covered bins so spilling of trash is taken care of. “Open trash bins are a nuisance and spoils the beauty of a place like the Qurm beach. I come to jog at this place. Tourists who put up at the nearby hotels too throng this place,” stated Sumi Tikoo who is a typical visitor to the region.

“The idea is a success. People go close to the bin to read the content mentioned in the advertising panel. So they automatically end up dumping garbage in the bin.”

Another typical visitor to the region is Achinta Baruah who feels these trash cans are fairly desirable. “I noticed the waste bin only because of the advertisement panel. These bins are quite well-made and do not give out that foul smell that regular bins have. Since they are not underground bins, so I am sure cleaning and collection of waste is easier,” Baruah stated

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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