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Kayaking 500km to promote tourism

Kayaking 500km to promote tourism

Speaking to Muscat Daily,
 Rashdi mentioned, “Ishaq and I adore adventure and sailing. We began supporting adventure tourism seven years ago by climbing mountains, discovering caves, diving and swimming.

“This journey began on April 27 from the Yinket area in Bandar al Khairan in Muscat governorate to the wilayat of Masirah in South Sharqiyah covering the journey in 13 days. It concluded on May 9.”

Talking about the preparation, he mentioned, “We started preparing for the trip two months ago. We worked on our fitness levels and kayaked at different times in the day. We practised swimming for hours for any eventuality. We had safety equipment, tent, water, beverages and canned food to last the journey.”

The trip started at 5pm on April 27. “After the initial day, we started kayaking early morning. During Ramadan, we sailed only right after sunset. We utilized to sail nine to 12 hours in a day.

“We started from the Yinket area in Bandar al Khairan, then to Al Sifah, Ras Abu Dawud area in Quriyat, Dhabab and Fins, Wadi Shab, Tiwi and Qalhat, Al Bar Beach in Sur, Al Aijah, Khor Grama and Ras al Hadd, the coasts of Jalaan Bani Bu Ali and Jalaan Bani Bu Hassan, Al Bandar al Jaddedh, Asilah, Al Swaih, Al Ashkharah, Shurooq, Ras Ruways and Masirah.”

Rashedi mentioned the trip aimed to promote tourism and discover Oman’s coasts. “We faced many challenges such as high waves and strong winds. The wave height reached 3m in some places but we overcame all problems with determination, patience and endurance.”

Talking about the security measures, he mentioned, “We carried first-aid box and wore life jackets throughout the trip. We thank the Coast Guard Unit for their support throughout the trip.”

On future plans, Rashdi mentioned, “We plan more such rowing trips to promote Oman’s tourism.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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