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Hyderabadi community iftar at Ruwi Clock Tower on May 17

Hyderabadi community iftar at Ruwi Clock Tower on May 17

Fasting Muslims will collect to break the quickly at the fixed time. Iftar will be followed by the Maghrib prayer.

Special arrangements have also been created for females and kids, who are anticipated to be a big component of the gathering like on earlier occasions, mentioned the organisers. According to Suhail Khan, lead organiser of the iftar for the wing, “The tradition of organising Hyderabadi community iftar was began 17 years ago. It was in 2002, the community held its very first big iftar. This year as well elaborate arrangements have been created to serve the rozedaars [people who observe fast during Ramadan].

Khan added, “Public iftar gatherings are a common feature among Muslim communities across the world. They are a meeting ground for people of different communities and nationalities. “This goes a long way in generating goodwill in society. People understand each other better and build bonds of brotherhood. Serving rozedaars during Ramadan is one of the most rewarding act.”

Gaffar Turabi, a typical volunteer at the iftar mentioned he has been component of the annual iftar gathering for the previous several years, and that breaking roza [fast] with each other offers him a sense of brotherhood. “When people pray together, even the good deeds of a single person in the group are enough for Allah to grant barqat (blessings or prosperity) to all of us,” Turabi mentioned.

Dawood Khan, a member of the organising team mentioned the principal objective of the host community is to seek blessings of the Almighty by way of serving folks and displaying respect for their quickly.

“Islam brings people together and provides such social occasions to create bonds of unity, brotherhood and co-operation among members of the society.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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