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Home away from home: Malay family keeps to its traditions

Home away from home: Malay family keeps to its traditions

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For expatriate households, sticking to one’s tradition and roots perhaps tough. However, for Malaysian family Zulkifli Hashim his wife Faizah Yusof (wife) and Nabilah Zulkifli (daughter) who relocated to Oman just 5 years ago from Australia, the sultanate has been the excellent haven due to its peaceful and tolerant culture. 

The family mentioned it is as comfy as it was in Australia but feels Oman is much more closer to its motherland. Traditionally, like Muslims across the planet dates is the very first point Malaysians consume although breaking the quick.

They also break the quick with rice cakes and some noodles and then go for the primary course right after the Maghrib prayers which comprises white rice, spicy chicken things, curries followed by desserts.

According to Faizah, iftar is the time to show how a lot you care for other people. Cooking for any quantity is not a large activity, “I have been a caterer back in Australia and have cooked for hundreds of people; so to make food for my family and friends in Ramadan is not a big task. I enjoy cooking and inviting people for iftar. During the five years we have been in Oman we have enjoyed and observed Ramadan with other Malaysian families.”

Faizah mentioned that her family enjoys the spirit of togetherness that Ramadan brings with it. “Today we have invited 30 people. Many of our friends are also bringing food from home. The very spirit of Ramadan is bond with family and friends.”

Hashim echoes his wife’s sentiments and highlights what the holy month stands for. “Ramadan gives us the opportunity to not only fast from food but also from words, actions and bad habits and thus helps us purify the body and soul.”

A common Malay fare is meant to warm the soul. It contains the iconic ketupat (rice cakes wrapped in palm leaves), rendang (meat cooked in coconut milk), pangat pisang (banana in sweetened coconut milk), kuih lapis (layered pastry) and Teh Tarik tea. Some of the other things consist of Ayam masak merah (spicy chicken) and mi goreng (noodles).

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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