Thursday, 25 Feb 2021
A number of expatriates have been sentenced to imprisonment and deportation for slaughtering and selling meat of diseased livestock.

Expatriates get jail, deportation for selling meat of diseased livestock

The judgment was delivered by a Court of First Instance in Barka for violating the Consumer Protection Law promulgated by the Royal Decree 66/2014.

“The Consumer Protection Department in Barka in cooperation with Public Prosecution Department in Barka, Barka Police Station and Barka Municipality managed to arrest a number of expatriate workers who were involved in buying diseased livestock from a farm and slaughtering them to sell their meat,” the Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) has mentioned.

The authority mentioned the accused would acquire diseased livestock from some farms at low rates and slaughter them in other secluded farm places in the wilayat of Barka.

The arrests have been created right after a thorough investigation. The officials zeroed in on the accused right after maintaining a close watch.
One of the expatriate workers was arrested whilst he was loading a diseased bull into a pickup automobile to be delivered to the farm exactly where such animals have been taken for slaughtering.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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