Monday, 8 Mar 2021
“When two big elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers,” said H E Li Lingbing, China’s Ambassador to Oman, citing an African proverb to explain the impact on GCC countries because of the ongoing trade friction between China and the US.

China trying to resolve trade differences with US: H E Li

She was speaking at a briefing held final week to deliberate on the concern of the White Paper released by the Chinese government titled, ‘China’s Position on the China-US Economic and Trade Consultations’.

This ongoing trade differences among the US and China will have a damaging influence on other nations, H E Li mentioned. “This dispute will have some impact. I just mentioned China and America are just a part of this international trade system just like other countries. Since there is a trade dispute between the two countries, of course there will be some negative impact on other countries. That is why China is trying to solve this dispute between the two countries through better cooperation.”

She added that the African proverb rightly explains the present globe circumstance. The Chinese stance on this difficulty has usually been clear, she mentioned. “We are not really willing to have a trade war with any country including America. This is not because we want to protect the interests of our own people but it will also be beneficial to every country in this world. The dependency of trade and economic globalisation is unstoppable. Every country will benefit from that. That is exactly the idea of the starting point of Chinese policy.”

She mentioned that nearly 90 per cent of Oman’s oil is exported to China. When asked whether or not the dispute among the US and China will lead to much more non-oil exports from Oman, H E Li agreed to it by saying, “The relationship between China and Oman is not about just oil import. We have a strategic partnership with Oman. The Chinese government is trying its best for further co-operation in other areas like non-oil products export. This is one of the focus areas from the Chinese side. And I believe there will be more cooperation in this area in future.”

H E Li mentioned that trade among China and the GCC nations is obtaining much better each and every year. “If the circumstance gets any worse in future, there will be much more possibilities for the GCC nations in the trade sector. I think because we have close connection in trade and other locations with the GCC nations, we will use this chance to have a much better trade partnership with the GCC nations.

“The big picture is that it will have an impact on every country. So, if the situation gets worse everybody will suffer. That is why the things that China is doing now is not for its own benefit but for the protection of international trade system for every single country that is part of the international trade system.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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