Saturday, 25 Jan 2020 | 30 Jumada Al Oula 1441
93 bids received for developing integrated fuel stations in Oman

93 bids received for building integrated fuel stations in Oman

As element of plans to produce integrated service stations on the Batinah Expressway and Adam-Thumrait road, the ministry had invited businesses to bid for seven fuel stations. The web sites identified integrated 4 on the Batinah Expressway (two areas in the wilayat of Suwaiq, 1 each and every in Saham and Liwa), 3 on the Adam–Thumrait road (two in Haima and 1 in Muqshin).

The maximum quantity of requests have been received for Suwaiq (53) followed by Saham (14), Liwa, (17), Haima (six) and Muqshin (three), the ministry stated, adding that initially it had received interests from 122 bidders, but 29 of them backed out.

Apart from fuel stations, the facilities will consist of rest rooms, a mosque, a buying centre, automobile service centre, restaurant, parks and parking lots that will stimulate financial activity by means of tourism site visitors, the ministry stated. The applications will be evaluated to make sure they meet the specified needs, following which it will be referred to the technical evaluation team. All applicants are needed to submit an initial financial feasibility study for the project with the commitment to the management of facilities.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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