Sunday, 31 May 2020
15 roundabouts in Muscat city to get traffic lights

15 roundabouts in Muscat city to get traffic lights

“These roundabouts do not have traffic lights. What follows is a lot of chaos and police has to to regulate traffic in these locations. Traffic on each and every road that leads to the roundabout comes to a standstill simply because there is no traffic light.

“If there are say five roads, then all commuters on those roads try to exit the roundabout at the same time. In the process, all get stuck in the traffic. The traffic police has to intervene to clear the congestion. That is why it was thought to introduce traffic lights at the roundabouts,” a supply stated.

The principal roundabouts that will get traffic lights contain the Seeb, Qurm and Amerat locations. “A roundabout with a traffic signal will facilitate collision-free movement of vehicles,” he added. Muscat Municipality has plans to do away with several roundabouts and replace them with traffic intersections. “We are yet to implement this plan. It will address a lot of issues.”

Neelabh Kaul, a normal commuter utilizing the Qurm roundabout stated, “Installing traffic signals at the roundabout is a good idea. It is quite tough waiting especially during the summers. Just because of this, I reach home late every second day. “Once a traffic signal in place, motorists will wait for their turn to exit without causing snarls.” Peak hours are the most congested, stated Ashwini Shukla a commuter from Amerat. “I leave my house early to avoid congestion at the roundabout in the main area. Roundabouts without traffic lights are like nightmares. “The day the police mans these roundabouts, it is a relief. Once the traffic lights are in place, they too can breathe a sigh of relief,” she stated.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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