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11-year festival veteran showcases dhows

11-year festival veteran showcases dhows

Muscat Daily caught up with artisan Kalifa bin Abdullah al Handasi, a resident of the wilayat of Suwaiq and exponent of this standard craft for more than 40 years.

According to Handasi, he’s a veteran at the festival. “This is my 11th appearance. Many curious visitors come to me and sit by my side to see me work. Shashas, or dhows, are an integral part of Omani culture and most visitors want to carry back a souvenir that is unique,” he stated.

Besides scale models of dhows and fishing boats, Handasi also tends to make household products. “These are made with hand from scratch,” he stated, gesturing at the creations on show.

The products appear straightforward at initial glance but closer inspection reveals intricacies, which turn out to be evident when guests see him at perform.

“This is a legacy handed over to us by our forefathers and I want to preserve it. If done with dedication, one can profit from it too,” Handasi stated. “This craft has taught me to be patient and given me an eye for detail.”

On an typical, he tends to make eight scale models a month. “The traditional designs are the most popular with buyers. The objects at my stall are made mostly of palm fronds.” Handasi’s creations are priced in between RO30 and RO150.

He has converted element of his house into a workshop to make scale models and hopes to have a factory to make models for export some day.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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