Thursday, 4 Jun 2020
Zubair SEC holds workshop on tendering, contracting and procurement function to build member capacity

Zubair SEC holds workshop on tendering, contracting and procurement function to develop member capacity

The aim of the workshop was to improve the understanding of the SME owners about tendering processes and contracting methods. The session also deliberated on the procurement function in organisations.

The workshop was performed by Salim al Battashi, a tendering and contract specialist who is a CIPS certified skilled. Entrepreneurs, SME owners, members and non-members of Zubair SEC attended the session.

With an aim to boost understanding base on procurement in organisations, Battashi explained the procurement objectives and actions in a normal procurement cycle.

Enlightening the attendees on the principle of tendering, the specialist described varieties of tendering practises which includes open, selective, single sourcing and prequalified tendering. He also explained the buying cycle, tendering method, normal tender documents and the bidding method.

Speaking on the contracting subject, he gave an overview on the normal clauses for industrial contracts and stressed on the significance of analysing contracts.

Battashi mentioned, “I appreciate the efforts of Zubair SEC in organising this relevant workshop. This was a great opportunity for me to share knowledge on this important topic with a very imperative segment of the society. The growth of SMEs is very vital to the national economy and winning tenders can be an important source of business for SMEs. I understand the agony of many SMEs not winning the tender they bid for. SMEs must have a clearly articulated strategic plan in place. That’s why, organising workshops such as this is important. It will increase their chances of winning a tender as they will be well prepared after understanding the correct procedures and criteria. It is important to build capacity and qualification of SMEs. I am glad to have got the opportunity to network with bright young minds from the SME sector in Oman.”

Ali Shaker, advisor, Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Zubair SEC, mentioned, “We comprehend the significance of this subject for begin-ups and new entrepreneurs. Many members come to us struggling with how to bid for tenders.

“They want to know what the proper procedure is and how to increase their chances to win tenders. Recognising that this is a very important topic, we decided to organise this workshop. It was a well-attended workshop and was appreciated by attendees.”

Zubair SEC member Ali Said al Rashdi, who attended the workshop, mentioned, “Many SMEs are discouraged from tendering for major contracts because of a number of imagined or real barriers. This workshop gave us a clear-cut picture of how to go about the process. We now understand the dos and don’ts of the bidding process.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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