Tuesday, 26 Jan 2021
Zubair Small Enterprises Centre (Zubair SEC) delivered a workshop for entrepreneurs in cooperation with Fursah Youth Committee in Buraimi, an initiative which falls under the umbrella of Al Nahda Sport Club. The workshop was attended by a number of entrepreneurs, owners of small businesses and youth.

Zubair SEC delivers workshop in Buraimi in collaboration with Fursah Youth Committee

To aid aspiring and young entrepreneurs concentrate on attaining their enterprise objectives, Zubair SEC had not too long ago signed a collaboration agreement with Fursah Youth Committee and the workshop was component of the framework of this signing.


As per the outline of the agreement, Zubair SEC had agreed to engage with the young entrepreneurs in Buraimi via workshops and trainings and also prove enterprise diagnosis and advisory solutions.


The workshop offered a short glimpse of the solutions offered and the achievements achieved by Zubair SEC because its establishment. The objective of the workshop was to supply an insight to aspiring entrepreneurs on the plans and actions that are most crucial for future successes. Advisors from Zubair SEC offered a peek to the participants on the value of preparing a enterprise program.

Adel Hubaishi, Senior Advisor, Zubair SEC stated, “The workshop was designed for entrepreneurs interested in setting up their business projects in the Al Buraimi Governorate. The interactive workshop focussed on the importance of good planning and taking the first steps to becoming an entrepreneur. At Zubair SEC our aim is to empower aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue new ideas.”

He pointed out that 1 of the primary targets of Zubair SEC is to allow Omani youth to handle their enterprise projects across the numerous governorates of the Sultanate.

Hubaishi stated, “The emphasis of the workshop which lasted for more than two hours was on how to convert business ideas into a reality and how to translate a hobby into a business model.”

Waleed Abdullah Al Badi, head of Fursah Youth Initiative stated, “We would like to thank Zubair SEC for its continuous cooperation in supporting young entrepreneurs through initiatives such as this workshop. This reflects their keen interest in supporting entrepreneurs across various regions of man.”

He pointed out that this workshop, which was attended by a lot more than 40 young males and females from distinct components of Buraimi, was extremely productive.

Al Badi stated, “It was a highly interactive session which provided aspiring entrepreneurs an idea as to how to develop and turn their winning entrepreneurial ideas into innovative new businesses.”

Zubair SEC is 1 of the initiatives which emanated from The Zubair Corporation’s social duty strategic vision towards the Omani society.  Zubair SEC is keen on equipping the youth with experiential, hands-on enterprise abilities, entrepreneurial apetite, negotiation knacks and teamwork skills by holding such workshops.

The Zubair Corporation has been a guiding arm to create a culture of entrepreneurship in Oman and has been supporting young Omanis who aspire to accomplish enterprise achievement.  Since its establishment, Zubair SEC has created towards a holistic ecosystem supplying help and capacity developing for the talented ambitious minds. It has also moved beyond conventional mentorship models towards 1 of partnership, collaboration and team perform with its members.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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