Tuesday, 26 Jan 2021
Fulfilling its strategic vision to equip and empower top-performing managers to shoulder management roles, the Zubair Corporation (Z-Corp) has successfully completed seven out of the eight modules of the Executive Leadership Development Programme (ELDP).

Z-Corp celebrates completion of seventh module of executive leadership improvement programme

A closing occasion, held to celebrate seventh module of ELDP which focused on ‘business continuity and risk management’, was attended by Hani Mohammed Al Zubair, Executive Director, The Zubair Corporation, Senior management team of Z-Corp, representatives of consultancy firm [Sia Partners] and ELDP participants had been also present at the occasion.

Being a fervent participant in the national agenda to create human capital, Z-Corp had launched the world’s top leadership improvement course two years ago. Designed to assist the Zubair Corporation with much better workforce profession organizing, ELDP is an initiative aimed at creating higher calibre workers of Z-Corp as element of the group’s talent management programme initiative SEED. Through this programme which is only frequent amongst the very best corporations in the planet, Z-Corp has set a new normal for corporate leadership improvement in the Sultanate.

A presentation on the progress of the programme, achievements of ELDP participants in the course of the seventh module and a video address by Alexander Larsen, the president of Baldwin Global, a threat management consulting enterprise, who performed the seventh module, was element of the closing ceremony.

The seventh module centred on the principles, practices, processes, and applications of threat management in the context of method. It enabled participants to determine very best options to mitigate dangers and make sure company continuity. The module covered numerous elements such as threat culture, threat management framework, enterprise threat management, threat assessment and identification, threat evaluation and evaluation, threat mitigation plans and handle mechanisms, threat responses and threat therapy, and how to introduce company continuity management to the organisation. The content material for the seventh module was certified by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and created primarily based on international requirements. The module session, was interactive, highlighted the top practices in the industry and how to handle threat particularly thinking about the present industry scenario.

Expressing satisfaction more than the progress of the programme, Hani Mohammed Al Zubair mentioned, “While ELDP has been strengthening the critical business competencies of our talented staff, the seventh module chose the important topic of business continuity and risk management. The participants gathered knowledge, skills and tools needed to systematically manage risk. The trainers educated participants on a streamlined approach to manage risk; provided them practical tools for better performance; and taught them appropriate actions to ensure sustained business continuity. They now have been equipped with the capabilities to successfully identify and respond to business risk and ensure the organisation’s capability.”

He added, “Since prioritising skills development is a key strategy for Oman’s economic competitiveness and growth, Z-Corp is thrilled to be accomplishing the objectives of the national agenda to develop human capital. Z-Corp is firmly committed to developing a strong human capital foundation by adopting effective HR practices. Over the years the organisation has taken up many initiatives like ELDP to train and develop Omanis. We will continue with this strategic approach towards strengthening competencies of Omani employees.”

Mr. Carlos, companion representing Sia Partners, an international management consulting firm mentioned, “We have seen incredible commitment of Z-Corp’s top management with regards to growing its talents. This is representative of an organisation that seeks to be a trailblazer. When it comes to talent development, Z-Corp is a role model, not only in Oman but in the region. The group is achieving its objective of elevating the competencies of its talents and preparing them for future leadership position.”

Speaking of his encounter of conducting the seventh module, Professor Alexander Larsen, expert consultant, certified fellow of the Institute of Risk Management mentioned, “I really enjoyed conducting the three-days training programme for all the participants. It is very impressive that the Zubair group decided to include risk management as a subject and as key focus for future leaders. Very few organisations take that risk to dig deep into risk management, therefore I was very pleased with the management taking risk management so seriously.”

Stressing that seventh module was an intensive session, Larsen mentioned, “Not everyone has the luxury of being exposed to such exhaustive training. A lot of people are unfamiliar with risk management, so I think it is the responsibility of participants who benefited from the session to go out there, share and help develop the understanding of the subject in order to embed the concept of risk management across their organisation. If we are serious about implementing risk management properly we should be communicating and leading by example in terms of how we are doing risk management. I truly believe risk management supports organisations in meeting their objectives. Every organisation should be undertaking risk management not as a separate exercise but as part of everyday decision making.”

Congratulating the ELDP participants Larsen mentioned, “I really enjoyed reading the participants answers to the questions that was provided in the final assignment. It really showed that they understood risk management, understood the importance of culture and understood the importance of capturing the risks correctly.  It’s important to try to build a risk culture, work together across the organisation and support the organisation in identifying risk and managing it.”

The occasion concluded with the distribution of certificates for the ELDP talents who have effectively completed the seventh module.

The ELDP is a holistic, rotational two years programme developed to equip participants with hands-on encounter in distinct important roles across Z-Corp. The ELDP consists of numerous modules, covering a broad aspect of leadership subjects such as, method, innovation, leadership, threat management and corporate social duty.

The Zubair Corporation is committed to playing an crucial part in Oman’s continued march towards additional improvement, progress and prosperity. The extensive expert improvement programme will improve the overall performance of the group, enabling it to develop the subsequent generation of expert leaders – and, in performing so, assisting to develop the Oman of the future.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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