Friday, 26 Feb 2021
A number of projects including an aviation training institute, a hospital, and an amusement cum educational centre for children are being planned at the old Muscat airport premises.

Training centre, hospital planned at old Muscat airport: Hinai

The old terminal and other facilities stay unused because the opening of new Muscat airport on March 20. “We are not converting it (old airport terminal and building) into a hypermarket or retail space,” mentioned Mustafa al Hinai, chief executive officer, Oman Aviation Group at an event held at the Public Authority for Civil Aviation head office on Monday. “The (older one) airport is meant for the aviation sector and will continue to remain so.”

Hinai mentioned a master strategy has been ready for the old airport. “We are looking at the right kind of investor for finalising the project. We are open to private investment also.”

Revealing their plans for the old airport, he mentioned,“Going forward, we are planning to use the premises for aviation-related services only. This includes bringing all our training centres under one entity which will help increase professional capacity.”

Hinai mentioned there is a strategy to have an emergency hospital as well aligning with the airport operations. “We are working to roll out one of the Tanfeedh initiatives which calls for setting up an edutainment facility for educating young people about the importance of aviation sector in daily life and in the economy of a country.”

Hinai mentioned presently the premise is becoming employed as a transport gate for cargo operations as the new airport needs distinct gates (entry points at an airport for distinct purposes such as company gate for VIP movement, or a devoted gate for the upkeep crew as nicely as emergency solutions).

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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