Monday, 8 Mar 2021
The Telecom Regulatory Authority (TRA) will be carrying out a review of the telecom market in Oman and identify constraints to competition as well as prevent abuse of dominant position by operators.

TRA to evaluation industry, recognize constraints to competitors

The authority is commissioning a consultancy project to help it to carry out second ‘Market Review’ covering all actions for Market Definition and Dominance Decision (MDD). The very first such evaluation was carried out in 2013.

TRA, as a result, is inviting skilled consultants to submit their consultancy proposals for the topic tender by August 28. The consultant will evaluation all previously defined markets (retail and wholesale) and propose introduction of new markets, exactly where needed, for fixed, mobile and information solutions more than which TRA has regulatory oversight.

“The consultant is expected to identify the competitive conditions affecting the supply of the services by assessing systematically the competitive constraints faced by suppliers of these services. Where dominance is identified, the consultant is expected to propose measure that should be implemented to prevent abuse of dominant position,” the TRA stated.

Although, TRA identified markets and the licensees who had been dominant in its MDD Decision 2013, it is not certain if these markets or dominance in these markets stay the identical.

Since 2013, the telecom industry of Oman has witnessed numerous developments such as, but not restricted to, introduction of new players, introduction of new solutions, alter in substitutability of solutions and level of competitors.

“TRA is also cognisant of new concepts (e.g. Over-The-Top content, IP interconnection, Internet of Things, cloud computing, Internet exchange points etc.) that directly or indirectly has impact on the market reviews. As such, market definitions and dominant positions may have changed since the last market assessment. It may also be noted that the MDD Decision of 2013 is also due to be revised in 2018, therefore TRA now intends to review all existing and potential new markets,” it mentioned.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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