Monday, 8 Mar 2021
The three-month shrimp fishing season in the sultanate began on Saturday. The season is particularly busy for three governorates of South Sharqiyah, Dhofar and Al Wusta.

Three-month shrimp fishing season starts in sultanate

The season, which begins in September concludes in November each year. There are 12 shrimp species in the sultanate, but only 4 species are caught utilizing conventional nets, such as white Indian shrimps, white shrimps, tiger prawns and dotted shrimps.

Shrimp fisheries are discovered in the waters of the sultanate in Masirah Island, Mahout, the coastal locations of Al Wusta and along the coastal strip in South Sharqiyah governorate.

Yasser al Meslahi, director of Statistics and Information Department at the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries mentioned that shrimps are 1 of the most crucial sources in the sultanate due to its nutritional worth and improved demand in nearby and international markets.

Meslahi pointed out that the total production of shrimps from conventional fishing in the sultanate in 2017 amounted to about 509 tonnes, a lower of 39 per cent compared to 2016 with a total estimated worth of RO1.4mn. Local use was 211 tonnes although its exports stood at 298 tonnes.

He added that the statistics indicate that shrimp production has declined substantially more than the previous 4 years.

Hassan bin Hussein al Aghbari, director of fisheries division in Al Wusta governorate, mentioned that Mahout has been at the best in shrimp production more than the final 5 years with 79 per cent of the total production throughout (2013-17). He added that this is due to the abundance of production, appropriate atmosphere for breeding, and adherence to guidelines by fishermen.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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