Sunday, 16 May 2021
The liver transplant programme at The Royal Hospital, which was inaugurated in 2017, aims to strengthen Oman’s status in health sector. This, considering that liver transplant is the most complex scientific research carried out in the human body.

The Royal Hospital continues its successes in liver transplant

The programme is a blessing for sufferers and their households who now do not have to travel  abroad for liver transplant operations.

The programme is contributing to the advancement of specialised healthcare in Oman, particularly in the field of liver ailments, as the sultanate is witnessing a rise in the quantity of sufferers with liver failure due to unhealthy life-style and meals patterns.

Rawiya al Alawiya (second liver donor) in a statement, mentioned, “My willingness to donate a portion of the liver to my sister came as a result of following of the words of Allah and to put an end to the suffering of my sister due to liver failure which lasted for many years. I also had absolute belief in the ability of The Royal Hospital to perform liver transplants with absolute skill, with a competent medical staff. The option to perform liver transplant procedures in our homeland gives us a relaxed and positive feeling due to the presence of family members and smooth communication with staff that speak Arabic.”

A patient Huda bint Khalfan al Alawiya also praised the continuous efforts of the employees at The Royal Hospital.

“The liver transplant was sufficient to end my eight years of suffering. During this period, I experienced repeated deterioration in my health and physical activity. I extend my sincere thanks and appreciation to all the health personnel who supervised the liver transplant process.”

The donor of the initial liver transplant in the sultanate, Ahmad bin Daoud al Hadi, mentioned, “Eight months after donating a portion of my liver to my mother, we both enjoy health and wellness. Thankfully, our tests confirmed that we were able to resume our day-to-day activities shortly after the transplant. My mother, especially got healthier than before.”

All liver transplants have been performed by a health-related team led by international surgeon, Dr Mohamed Rila, in collaboration with health-related employees of The Royal Hospital.

The employees incorporated Dr Nadia bint Abdullah al Harithia, consultant of Liver and Gastrointestinal Diseases Dr Sulaiman al Ma’amari, consultant Liver Surgery, and Dr Ramla al Qasab, initial consultant anaesthesiologist, and health-related and nursing employees from numerous health-related departments. The liver transplant programme is headed towards involving neighborhood surgeons to carry out operations in future in cooperation with prestigious wellness institutions in India.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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