Tuesday, 26 Jan 2021
People in Oman are expected to get respite from the searing heat that has gripped most parts of the country over the last few days. The mercury had almost touched 50°C in several parts of the countryon Tuesday, while most coastal and interior areas witnessed temperatures over 45°C.

Temperature soars above 49°C in several places

The Directorate General of Meteorology (DGM) at Public Authority for Civil Aviation stated on Wednesday that there will be a noticeable lower in temperature more than most of the sultanate throughout the weekend and early subsequent week. “A significant decline will be seen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday in most governorates, ranging from the early to mid-thirties in the coastal areas and from mid-thirties to the early forties in the interior and desert areas,” DGM stated.

According to the Met workplace, Bidiyah was the hottest spot in the country on Tuesday at 49.9°C, followed by Quriyat at 49.8°C, Mahout at 49.7°C, Adam at 49.5°C and Qarn al Alam at 49.2°C.

In its forecast for Thursday, DGM stated the coastal places of Dhofar and adjoining mountains will witness cloudy skies with intermittent drizzle. “For rest of the sultanate, the skies will be mainly clear with chances of low level clouds along the coastal areas of Arabian Sea. There are chances of dust rising winds over the desert areas of Al Wusta, Dhahirah and Dakhliyah governorates.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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