Friday, 2 Jun 2023
TAC offers amazing cash gifts on JAC’s range of versatile trucks

TAC gives incredible money gifts on JAC’s variety of versatile trucks

Customers can avail of the desirable money discounts on the JAC Titan three.five tonne SC and the Titan three tonne DC truck. After deducting the money present quantity, the JAC Titan three.five tonne single cab comes at an unbelievable value of RO8,000, and the Titan three tonne double cab at RO6,900. Both trucks have an unbelievable RO2,500 money discount on them. JAC automobiles have the flexibility and versatility of getting fitted with water tanks, freezers/chillers, recovery, cargo and open load applications. The supply runs till April 17 and is the perfect time to personal a JAC truck.

The turbo charged Cummins ISF 3800cc diesel engine of the JAC Motors Titan three.five tonne SC and Titan three tonne DC guarantees a effective efficiency. Moreover, the maximum load capacity of six,500kg tends to make for a trustworthy transportation asset for company owners in Oman.

According to Towell Auto Centre (TAC), the exclusive distributor of JAC automobiles in Oman, “Customers from various industries like transportation, construction and farming have always looked to JAC’s trucks for the fulfilment of their business needs. Equipped with water tanks, refrigerated storage, strong load capacity and several other features, JAC’s trucks are ideal vehicles for various types of businesses operating in the sultanate. In addition to being sturdy, durable and having impressive fuel efficiency, JAC trucks also meet the international standards of safety and stable road performance. Titan 3.5 tonne SC and 3 tonne DC promises affordable transportation solutions for all kinds of business needs. They are sure to be a profitable and reliable business partner.”

JAC Motors trucks, which are accessible in Oman exclusively at Towell Auto Centre (TAC) are constructed and integrated with superior technologies to meet the requirements of its drivers across varying road circumstances. In addition to meeting international security requirements, JAC’s trucks supply sophisticated exteriors and interiors.

With a showroom in Ghala, clients can have a appear at the JAC automobiles they are interested in as nicely as have any queries answered by sales professionals.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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