Tuesday, 2 Jun 2020
‘Stray camels, lack of light major cause of accidents on Batinah Expressway’

‘Stray camels, lack of light major cause of accidents on Batinah Expressway’

In addition, commuters are also complaining of lack of lighting and exits on the route.

On June 23, the region witnessed a massive accident involving a stray camel. Ten persons have been injured in the accident.

Hamadan Rashid Marash al Hosni who owns a herd of camels in Khabourah’s Wadi al Hawasna stated, “Stray camels on Batinah Expressway particularly in the wilayat of Khabourah have triggered main accidents.

“On June 23, a stray camel triggered a massive vehicle accident involving 5 automobiles late at evening in Khabourah. 

“Ten persons were injured. I wish people are aware of the hazards of camel crossing and put fluorescent reflective strips on them. This will help motorists see them from a distance.”

Yousuf al Kiyumi, a resident of Khabourah stated the onus of such accidents is each on motorists as nicely as livestock owners.

“It is important that motorists understand the importance of driving carefully at night. Livestock owners should also avoid grazing animals in the evening.”

Nasser Salim al Hosni, who commutes everyday from Khabourah to Muscat stated, “Some camel owners leave their camels to wander freely. This is dangerous, so I urge camel owners to use devices that can help them track their animals. The media too can play an important role in spreading awareness.”

Moza al Hosni, a municipal council representative of Khabourah has urged the Ministry of Transport and Communications to offer sufficient lighting. 

“Camels owners should not leave their animals loose as they can cause fatal accidents.”

The Batinah Expressway is a single of the biggest road networks established in Oman but it lacks simple items such as exits and lights, stated Ali al Qataiti, a member of the Shura Council. 

“I urge the Ministry of Transport and Communications to provide enough exits and lights on the expressway. However, it is also important that motorists and camel owners are careful on the road.” 

Qataiti also urged the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources to offer grazing locations for camels. 

“Some camels owners have to go in search of grazing areas to feed their camels. So, I urged the ministry to note this and do the needful in this regard.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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