Friday, 5 Mar 2021
Spar Oman has announced a comprehensive strategic partnership with Sri Sri Tattva (SST), one of the leading brands in the health and wellness space in India. With this partnership, the shoppers of Spar Oman can now enjoy high quality products across multiple categories such as personal care, health care and food in eight locations of Spar in Muscat.

Spar and Sri Sri Tattva announce partnership

Muscat – 

Spar Oman has announced a extensive strategic partnership with Sri Sri Tattva (SST), a single of the top brands in the wellness and wellness space in India. With this partnership, the shoppers of Spar Oman can now appreciate higher high quality goods across numerous categories such as individual care, wellness care and meals in eight areas of Spar in Muscat.

With the escalating awareness about the usage of all-natural and wholesome goods, this will be a excellent chance for Spar Oman to improve the shoppers encounter and also for Sri Sri Tattva to expand it is footprints in the area. Notably, Sri Sri Tattva has been operating a Panchakarma Wellness Centre in the area and is also coming up with an Ayurveda hospital in future.

Arvind Varchaswi, managing director, Sri Sri Tattva, stated, “I am happy to announce our strategic tie up with Spar in Oman. This will provide a solid and fantastic platform for people in the region to experience our quality products. This will be in addition to the medicine products and panchakarma centres already available in the region. We are happy to announce that Sri Sri Tattva products will be available exclusively in Spar outlets in Oman.”

Sridhar Moosapeta, CEO Spar Oman, stated, “Spar Oman proudly announces its strategic tie-up with Sri Sri Tattva with an objective to offer best quality natural and ayurvedic products to its shoppers. This will be a great value addition to the present offerings in the Spar Natural Range.”

SST comes with a aim of advertising wellness and wellness to each household.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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