Saturday, 30 May 2020
Solidarity, patience helped Dhofar recover with minimum damage, says chief of PART

Solidarity, patience helped Dhofar recover with minimum harm, says chief of Component

“The massive preparations helped the governorate recover from the cyclonic impact with minimum damage in record time. The sultanate dealt with the adverse weather conditions by deploying its multi-risk management system which included public, private and civil society organisations, communities and citizens,” he stated.

He added, “The solidarity shown by our people is a rare one in the world, which, one does not get to see even in countries that have had many experiences dealing with such adverse weather. Countries that have faced less severe conditions have suffered more damage than what Dhofar and Al Wusta suffered.”

Speaking about the function of Component, Dr Harrasi explained how the authority had chalked out an integrated strategy. “All our departments across the sultanate were included in the plan. We ensured that our staff such as presenters, correspondents, technicians and engineers were deputed across all areas for better coverage. An alternative plan for transmission from other sites was also made in case of outage due to inclement weather. We also launched an open programme to follow up on the condition from Muscat and Iteen plain in Salalah. In addition, another studio at the wilayat of Thumrait was also operational.”

Dr Harrasi highlighted how the authority had also formulated a strategy relating to content material. “Our main aim was to remain calm and convey the truth without overestimating or underestimating things. We ensured that citizens and expatriates were warned about the risks from time to time. We also coordinated with other relevant organisations involved in the management of the cyclone. The efforts of different organisations paid off and the coverage provided by us on both radio and TV is a source of pride. The quality of coverage showed our credibility and the high level of social awareness in Oman.” Some Component sources also have been impacted, he stated.

“The station in Salalah, the studio in Iteen plain and a number of radio and TV transmission towers have been damaged. However, the radio and TV message services are working fine.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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