Wednesday, 16 Oct 2019 | 17 Safar 1441
Sohar port holds safety week

Sohar port holds security week

The initiative sees workers and stakeholders take element in a quantity of workshops covering initial-help, road and driver security, hazardous and heavy goods handling, secure terminal operations, ship-to-shore operational security and environmental preservation.

Highlighting the essential value of workplace security and environmental preservation in and about the port, Mark Geilenkirchen, CEO of Sohar Port and Freezone, stated, “A holistic approach to workplace safety is a central pillar of our commercial and social commitment. Together with the support of our partners, ‘Be Safe Sohar’ tackles the challenges of workplace safety and environmental preservation to ensure the preparedness of our staff, stakeholders and our society. Sohar is committed to maintaining a healthy, safe and secure environment for our industries, our surrounding community and nature itself.”

During the course of ‘Be Safe Week’, numerous seminars and workshops will be carried out by top security professionals on the very best practice well being and security procedures employed at Sohar. Themes consist of secure terminal operations, hazardous and heavy goods handling, ship-to-shore operational security, heat tension and the DROBS regular and environmental preservation.

Alongside the workshops, a defensive driver instruction and initial help instruction course will also be carried out.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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