Tuesday, 18 May 2021
The Ministry of Housing has allocated six sites for the establishment of integrated rest areas along the newly-opened Batinah Expressway.

Six web sites allocated for rest locations on Batinah Expressway

Two rest locations every are earmarked for web sites in the wilayats of Barka, Saham and Liwa and would contain solutions like a fuel station, prayer location, industrial centre, vehicle service and upkeep centre, motel, a park and parking slots.

The ministry added that every web site will cover an location of about 30,000sq m in order to offer contemporary solutions for road customers as effectively as revitalise tourism along main highways.

Two web sites every are in the location of Al Uqdah in Barka, in the location of Rawdah in Saham as effectively as two web sites in the new Liwa location in the wilayat of Liwa.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and the Supreme Council for Planning, the ministry stated that a committee has been formed for public bidding of the integrated rest locations along the highways.

The committee will prepare the specifications and decide the worth of the bid, prior to getting presented for public bidding. The ministry added that prior to allotment of the plot it will appear into the seriousness of the investor and make certain the implementation of all elements of the project in a particular period of time.

The Ministry of Housing added that integrated rest locations on the Batinah Expressway are component of the initial stage of the programme. It added that nine web sites on the Adam-Thumrait road have been authorized for rest locations, whilst other web sites are beneath study on the highways like Sharqiyah Expressway and other main highways in the nation.

In April final year, the Ministry of Housing had signed a usufruct agreement for an integrated fuel station cum rest location on the road major to the new Oman-Saudi highway. The RO3mn project is getting undertaken by Ard al Kunuz al Ahlia organization, supplying solutions and amenities to the site visitors bound for Saudi Arabia via the Empty Quarter.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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