Sunday, 20 Oct 2019 | 21 Safar 1441
Sandan Industrial Park to host largest display of Iranian products

Sandan Industrial Park to host biggest show of Iranian items

Muscat – 

Sandan Industrial Park will host  the biggest exhibition of Iranian items in the county thanks to an agreement signed on Sunday. Sandan and Oman-primarily based Durat al Sahil signed the agreement to rent 40 industrial and industrial spaces, in addition to a quantity of showrooms, warehouses and apartments in the industrial park.  

The agreement was signed in the presence of H E Mohammad Reza Nouri Shahroudi, Iran’s Ambassador to Oman.

The agreement will permit Iranian building organizations to provide goods in Oman providing them an chance create trade with the nation.

The presence of Iran’s specialised organizations in the building sector of Oman, offered the geographical position of the sultanate, can offer a excellent chance for trade with African nations as effectively as Yemen, stated Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA), the official news agency of Iran. The park will also have a street named following Iran.

The industrial park is becoming constructed more than a 250,000sq m region, 5km away from the Ma’abela exit in Muscat Expressway, and contain home developing supplies shops, workshops and residential units for workers.

The park will host two,300 workshops and showrooms for developing supplies and the automotive sector, 450 offices and 1,400 residential units for workers.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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