Thursday, 28 Jan 2021
The Council of Ministerson Mondayannounced the raising of maximum salary for fuel subsidy beneficiaries from RO600 to RO950. The decision will come into force fromAugust 1.

Salary limit for fuel subsidy beneficiaries elevated from RO600 to RO950

The Follow-up Committee in Charge of Fuel Prices mentioned that Omanis earning up to RO950 will obtain up to 200lt of M91 petrol per month at a maximum expense of 180bz per litre. This revision in salary limits has been taken as component of the care accorded by the government to make sure the welfare of Omanis and in implementation of the choice of the Council of Ministers.

The mechanism connects the ROP program with fuel marketing and advertising organizations to make sure smooth implementation.

It contains all sections of society who meet the following specifications: Every Omani above 18 years who owns a automobile registered with the ROP or a fishing boat registered with the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries topic to his total month-to-month earnings from all sources not exceeding RO950.

The committee has capped the quantity at 200lt primarily based on information of the registered automobiles and fuel consumption throughout the final 5 years. The quantity is in line with the typical consumption of Omani households as per the statistics of the National Centre for Statistics and Information.

Based on the subsidy terms, the categories cover all Omani staff, entrepreneurs, housewives, job seekers, students, and retirees, as nicely as fishermen who meet the mentioned eligibility terms.

Speaking to Muscat Daily
, Marhoon al Saidi, a private sector employee mentioned, “This decision is a good step to bring more people into the fuel subsidy scheme. I hope the government provides similar subsidy to buyers of M95 fuel.”

Yousef al Sudairi, a government employee mentioned, “The decision is very important because it will include a large segment of the society. It will also help those Omanis who drive over long distances.”

Samir al Zadjali, a retired government employee mentioned, “It is a good step to ease the pressure on Omanis in the face of rising prices of all goods. The government is making all efforts to ease the burden on citizens.”

Omanis who meet the specifications are necessary to register on the National Subsidy System website to avail the fuel subsidy.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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