Thursday, 15 Apr 2021
The Directorate General of Health Affairs in Muscat Municipality has stated that citizens and residents should pay greater attention to waste management.

RO1,000 fine for disposing waste in wadis, open lands: Muscat Municipality

The civic physique also stated that there are strict laws governing waste disposal and fines will be imposed on violators.

“Proper disposal of waste is essential for a healthy surrounding. Improper disposal can result in growth of bacteria, virus and rodents,” it stated.

Administrative Decision No 55/2017 on penalties imposed by Muscat Municipality states that anybody who disposes waste in locations that are not designated for the objective will be fined RO100. The highest quantity of fine is for disposing waste in open lands (whether or not fenced or not), in public squares and wadis (RO1,000).

The administrative selection also stipulates a fine of RO50 for disposal of tree trimmings, old furnishings and huge appliances close to waste bins. Throwing animal carcasses, animal waste or fertilisers in public areas, waste bins or subsequent to them, as well is an offence that can attract a fine of RO100. The offender is provided a day to transport the waste to designated areas. The fine is doubled in case of repeat offences.

Other penalties associated to garbage disposal contain tampering with contents of waste bins (RO20), failure to get rid of building waste or disposing these in public or private locations, and collecting soil from undesignated locations (RO100).

The offender is provided a day to get rid of the waste and failure to do so attracts a fine of RO300.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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