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Rise in firms violating midday break rule over the last three years: MoM

Rise in firms violating midday break rule more than the final 3 years: MoM

In 2016, 254 businesses violated the rule, which improved to 472 in 2017. The quantity stands at 251 in June alone this year.

During the 3-month midday break final year, ministry officials visited three,493 firms. Of these, three,021 businesses followed the rule whilst 472 did not. In 2016, officials visited two,332 firms with two,078 abiding by the rule and 254 flouting it.

According to Ministry of Manpower, till June finish this year, its officials had visited 1,003 businesses and identified 251 of them violating the rule, whilst 752 abiding by it.

The ministry in cooperation with private sector businesses lately organised an awareness campaign on the dangers of heat exhaustion. It was held beneath the patronage of H E Hamad bin Khamis al Amri, Undersecretary for Labour Affairs, Ministry of Manpower.


The campaign aimed at enhancing awareness amongst the two parties (workers and employers) on the significance of taking essential measures to stay away from the effects of higher temperatures. The ministry seeks to shield these operating at outside websites, which final results in their well being deterioration. “There is a need to comply with the safety precautions in order to reduce the risks on the body,” mentioned an official.

The campaign aimed to highlight the dangers workers face in the afternoon specifically throughout the peak summer season season (June, July and August).

The Ministry of Manpower has also stressed on the significance of private sector establishments providing workers break from 12.30pm to three.30pm in June, July and August each year.

“Article 16 of the regulation issued by the Ministerial Decision No 286/2008 states that employees must not work at open construction or other sites exposed to high midday temperatures from 12.30pm to 3.30pm from June to August,” the ministry mentioned. Article 118 of the Omani Labour Law states that violators shall be penalised either with fines ranging from RO100 to RO500, or a jail term not a lot more than a single month, or each. The penalty doubles for repeat violators.

The ministry also aims to hold comparable campaigns each summer season, highlighting the significance of cooperation amongst private sector enterprises to make certain the security of workers.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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