Tuesday, 2 Jun 2020
Ooredoo named fastest mobile network by Ookla

Ooredoo named quickest mobile network by Ookla

To decide this award, Ookla analysed customer-initiated tests taken on Speedtest utilizing contemporary devices across all main operators in the nation. The final results of the evaluation by Ookla confirm that Ooredoo accomplished the quickest all round mobile speeds in Oman throughout the time period.

Ian Dench, Ooredoo chief executive officer, mentioned, “We are delighted with this award; it follows our major upgrade to extend 4G coverage to 94 per cent of the sultanate’s population. We want our customers to enjoy the Internet, and as Oman’s data experience leaders, we are committed to continue investing in our network.”

“With millions of tests taken using Speedtest every day, Ookla has developed a robust and comprehensive view of worldwide Internet performance. It is our pleasure to recognise Ooredoo as the Fastest Mobile Network in Oman based on our rigorous analysis. This award is a testament to Ooredoo’s exceptional performance, as experienced by their own customers, in Q1 and Q2,” mentioned Jamie Steven, executive vice president at Ookla.

The Speedtest Awards for leading providers in speed are determined utilizing a Speed Score that incorporates a measure of each and every provider’s download and upload speed to rank network speed overall performance. Tests utilized to calculate the Speed Score come from ‘modern devices’, which are capable of connecting to the market’s quickest, usually obtainable technologies. Ooredoo’s Speed Score throughout the award period was 28.23.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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