Friday, 26 Feb 2021
Omantel, the first and leading provider of integrated telecommunications services in the sultanate, has recently signed an MoU with Blockchain Solutions & Services (BSS) for mutual cooperation between the two companies which include availing the smart solutions offered by BSS in logistic and commercial operations.

Omantel indicators MoU with BSS

The MoU comes as component of Omantel’s ongoing efforts in providing intelligent options for digital transformation and laying the groundwork for intelligent cities’ ICT solutions.

Samy Ahmed al Ghassany, chief operating officer at Omantel, mentioned, “Omantel is keen on boosting mutual cooperation with local and regional ICT companies as such collaboration supports Omantel’s vision in leading the digital transformation in Oman and helps the digital society to flourish.”

He added, “We are glad to collaborate with BSS, an Omani company delivering innovative Blockchain solutions locally and internationally. We believe that collaborations, like this one, will help us meet the demand for e-services and smart solutions in the Omani market and will pave the way for smart cities and digital communities.”

Dr Khalid Tahhan, CEO of BSS, mentioned “The info revolution on the Internet in the course of the previous years have brought a optimistic modify to the productivity of organisations and people alike, and all through the years there have been a lot efforts to simplify procedures and make operations much more effective.

Blockchain is 1 such foundational technologies that is anticipated to be a milestone in ICT and intelligent options as it gives much more effective immediate digital transactions which will assist empower IoT, large information and machine understanding.”

Dr Tahhan added, “Blockchain technology can be used in various fields, such as education, health, finance, oil and gas, digital sales, logistics and others.” Fadi Nasser, common manager of ICT Unit at Omantel, mentioned, “We work hand in hand with Oman Data Park and mOmkin to deliver end-to-end smart solutions with unparalleled comprehensive value to many vital sectors in Oman. We do so by extending our technology service portfolio beyond infrastructure IT services, into big data platforms, information security and artificial intelligence to give us this unprecedented capability to deliver more competitive solutions to our clients, whom we consider to be appraised partners on this digital transformation journey.”

He added, “We are proud to have a national company with such experience locally to collaborate with. BSS is creating value in the form of Blockchain products and services right from Oman, helping us accelerate the transition to digital industries organically.”

Investing in the future of the nation, Omantel connects even the most remote communities of the sultanate to each and every other and the rest of the globe. Omantel is Oman’s major integrated telecommunications solutions provider, enabling the digital society to flourish, permitting new techniques of performing enterprise and delivering a globe of info.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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