Tuesday, 7 Jul 2020
Omani cyclist embarks on 6,000km Europe journey to mark the 48th Renaissance Day

Omani cyclist embarks on six,000km Europe journey to mark the 48th Renaissance Day

Sulaiman Saleh Salem Maawali, a 47 year old adventurer from the wilayat of Izki in Dakhliyah loves cycling lengthy distances. This time he is touring Europe.

Speaking to Muscat Daily
 from Belgium, possessing currently covered 1,400km, Maawali stated, “My trip started on June 20 from Muscat. I will be touring 18 nations which includes France, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Norway.

“My aim is to discover the world, spread the message of peace, promote Oman, make new friends and celebrate the Omani Renaissance Day which falls on July 23. I hope to complete the trip on September 30.”

Two years ago Maawali undertook a equivalent trip covering about 20,000km across 23 nations which includes Australia, New Zealand and these in Southeast Asia and the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Speaking of challenges, he stated, “I need financial and media support. These trips help me to be self-reliant in terms of camping, cooking and cycling in tough weather conditions. I have to prepare myself for such long journeys – physically and psychologically. I have camping equipment, cooking utensils, a camera and a charger.”

Maawali added that much more help should be obtainable in the future to young folks who embark on such adventures to market the nation abroad.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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