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Oman Post starts charging RO1 for personal parcels addressed to official PO boxes

Oman Post begins charging RO1 for individual parcels addressed to official PO boxes

An official from Oman Post mentioned, “The measure is to ensure fair usage of the box as we have cases where a box is used personally by hundreds of employees. If an employee gets a personal parcel delivered to the office PO Box, he will be charged RO1 per parcel.”

The official mentioned that off late most package delivery is driven by on the internet buying. “People make on the internet purchases and get them delivered at their workplace PO Box address. The owner of the PO Box is liable for something that is getting delivered on his address. We do not want the owner to be held legally accountable for so numerous parcels delivered. At the exact same time, we are keen to streamline the use of PO boxes.

“So, if a company has say 1,000 employees. If a majority of them make online purchase, then imagine the sorting we have to do for just one PO Box. It takes a lot of time to sort. The office PO Box is meant for all official communications. So, if you are getting a personal parcel delivered then the recipient will be charged accordingly.”

A consumer who was lately charged RO1 for his parcel mentioned that this new charge is excessive. “If I have made a purchase of say 300bz or 600bz, I have to end up paying RO1. Earlier, they did not charge me but now they do. Oman Post has said that we encourage customers if they are frequent online buyers to subscribe to a box which costs RO20.”

The charges for a PO Box for a organization is RO60 per year and for an person is RO20 per year.

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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