Monday, 19 Apr 2021
Mobility issues often make it difficult for the elderly and those with disabilities to travel. The problem gets more serious when lack of transportation keeps them away from follow-ups or regular appointments with a doctor.

Non-profit group assists elderly, disabled get to hospitals

Keeping this in thoughts, a voluntary group, Parents Care Team launched a service earlier this year for elderly individuals who want to go to hospitals for verify-ups. The team makes use of an ambulance for transportation.

Jokha Mohammed Khamis al Farsi, head of the Parents Care Team, explained how the thought came about. “The idea was to not just help the elderly and the disabled to commute but also spread awareness in the community regarding the need to help and bond with each other.”

The team, which is a component of the Omani Association for Elderly Friends, operates beneath the Omani Women’s Association in Seeb.

“The service is provided to the elderly and those with disabilities who have an appointment at a hospital. The service is only for Muscat residents at present,” mentioned Jokha.

The ambulance was offered to the team for totally free by the Directorate General of Health Services in Muscat. “We also have started a course for volunteers at the health centre in Ma’abela. The course focuses on patient handling and other driving techniques. We have helped around 26 people so far.”

The initiative does not finish right here, she added. “We plan to spread the message about taking care of the elderly through awareness programmes in schools, colleges, universities, mosques and public gatherings. It is important that the society understands the need to care for the elderly.”

Jokha mentioned she was grateful to the individuals who are component of the initiative and hopes to continue the service in future. “We hope to get another ambulance so that we can extend our service to those living in Quriyat and Amerat.”

The team makes use of all social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp to attain a wider audience. It can be reached at 92836800 and e-mail:

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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