Monday, 8 Mar 2021
Nissan has announced its fiscal year 2017 (FY17) business results in the Middle East, which demonstrate the company’s successful performance across the region. In the Gulf (GCC without Saudi Arabia), Nissan’s market share grew by more than 20 per cent year on year. Nissan’s market share in the wider Middle East region also experienced a steady growth of almost ten per cent.

Nissan reports continued development in Middle East

Juergen Schmitz, Managing Director of Nissan Middle East, mentioned, “Our priority as a business is providing the best to our customers in terms of both service and products, and our latest sales figures are a recognition we are doing our job well. In the past year, Nissan has continued its upward trajectory in the Middle East, growing in terms of sales, market share, customer satisfaction and brand power. We are determined to continue this growth by focusing on our customers.”

In terms of solution line-up efficiency, Nissan saw development in FY17 across crucial segments. The industry share of the Nissan Patrol variety elevated by 11.four per cent compared to the earlier year, and the Patrol became the greatest-promoting complete-size SUV in the UAE. Since 2011, the sales of Patrol have quadrupled, and the industry share is up by 167 per cent. The Nissan Patrol Y61 family members has continued to take pleasure in a steady development in annual sales with a 263 per cent improve because 2011 demonstrating the enduring reputation of this iconic model. Nissan Kicks topped the compact crossover segment in FY17, with 145 per cent year-on-year improve in sales. Nissan Sunny also saw a powerful efficiency in FY17, with a sales improve of 58 per cent resulting in segment leadership. Nissan Navara tripled its segment share among FY16 and FY17. Sales of Nissan X-Trail doubled among FY14 and FY17, with industry share escalating by 155 per cent.

FY17 was also a powerful year for Nissan in terms of accolades, with the business getting eight awards at the 2018 MENA Cristal Festival, such as the prestigious Festival Grand Prix. The Nissan Altima, Nissan Kicks and Nissan GT-R also all received awards at numerous ceremonies all through the year.

Kalyana Sivagnanam, regional vice president, Marketing and Sales, Nissan AMI and president of Nissan Middle East, mentioned, “With 83 countries and 44 per cent of the world’s population, Africa, the Middle East and India is a region of opportunity for car manufacturers, and we anticipate continued growth in the lead up to 2022. As a promising market, the Middle East will play a major role in achieving our goals.”

Information Source: Muscat Daily

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